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Twinleaf Town

Patrick is a protagonist at the start of"The Sinnoh Saga", and serves as a rival for "The Johto Battle Frontier Saga", and "The Orange Island Saga" He started his journey from Twinleaf Town with his Chimchar and friend Mika. Currently, he is travelling by himself through the Orange Islands.


Patrick is usually calm and collected, with a plan for most situations. However, at the same time, he can be a little head strong, trying to deny when things aren't as plan, such as originally denying his feelings for Mika, ignoring the warnings of Ivan, and over estimating his abilities. However, despite this he is well capable, and generally is a bit layed back, but can rise to the occassion when it arrives. Despite his failed attempts, his plans usually end in success


Patrick started his journey from Twinleaf town where he chose Chimchar as his starter, and travelled around with fellow new trainer Mika. Along the way, he met both Sid and Ray, and served as an ace among their group, coming up with plans to get them out of most situations. When the gym leader's Pokemon were taken, he and Sid teamed up with Byron to try and deal with the situation, only for it to be dealt with by someone else.

After that though, the gang dealt with a threat that they couldn't handle, and Mika's Grotle was taken. The group tried to track it down, but after a long journey, the gang failed, Patrick unable to handle the villian who was holding Grotle. During this trip, Patrick developed feelings for his friend Mika, but was also aware of Sid's feelings for her After this, the gang dealt with Roark then Sky, earning two badges. However, feeling guilty, Patrick left the group, trying to track down the theif that defeated him.

After a long time away, Patrick reclaimed the Pokemon and returned Mika's Grotle, taking out most of the group that kidnapped her, but leaving the one who defeated him free, also obtaining 8 Johto badges in the process. When they met again at the league, Patrick admitted his feelings for Mika, only for her to explain she was with Sid, and Patrick grudgingly accepted this, but was angry at this. After that, he let his anger out in his battle with Sid, winning the match, but in the end being knocked out by Lyra in the finals. He joined the gang in the celebration after the event.

After that, he travelled to Unova. Upon return, he visited Sid, asking for a rematch. The duo had a close match, but was interupted by a Mawile. After the Mawile's interuption, Team Rocket attacks, and Patrick helped deal the problem, saving a fair amount of Pokemon, but losing Mawile to Team Rocket. After that, he suggested Sid and Mika head to Unova, while he explained he was off to the Orange Islands




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