Daniel's Minun

Caught at

Petelburg Forest





Current Location

In rotation

Daniel's Minun was the first pokemon Daniel caught and is his most loyal and reliable pokemon.


Minun is Daniel's first pokemon, they first met in a woods by Petalburg, and Minun saved Daniel from Team Magma grunts, since then Daniel and Minun have formed a strong bond and goes with Daniel wherever he goes, Minun has won many battles for Daniel, and has contributed to getting Daniel where he is now. Minun isn't a fan of Pokeballs and likes to walk around or sit on Daniel's shoulder. Throughout Daniel's childhood, Minun was always there, whenever Daniel would be left out, Minun would be by his side to pull him through. Minun was just as excited as Daniel about starting their journey together. Until Bulasaur arrived, and also wanted to copy Minun by staying out of its pokeball and sitting on Daniel's shoulder. Throughout Kanto, Minun and Bulbasaur were not very fond of each other as they were jealous of the attention Daniel would give the other pokemon.