Justin's Floatzel
Kellyn Floatzel-1-




Swift Swim

Caught At

Route 214

Current Location

At Professor Elm's Lab

Justin's Floatzel is the 2nd Pokemon Justin captured in the Sinnoh Region, and one of his biggest powerhouses.


Floatzel was captured as a Buizel by Justin after he challenged him with his Espeon, though Buizel wound up attacking Justin's Cyndaquil. He found himself facing Cyndaquil and Justin's Espeon and though he was able to knock out Espeon and nearly defeat Cyndaquil, he was defeated and captured by Justin. This had sparked somewhat of a rivalry between Buizel and Cyndaquil who evolved into a Quilava later in the day.

He was initially quite skilled in battle and he often proved the be very useful in gym battles, though he only fought in half of the gyms he was with Justin for. He usually won at least one battle in the gyms and his victories in the gyms include Fantina's Mismagius, Byron's Bronzor, and notably Crasher Wake's Floatzel who he struggled with, going up against his evolved form.

Through the journey he attracted the attention of a Phione owned by Spring who he initally didn't care for at first, only caring about trying to make Quilava jealous by flirting with Spring's Buneary, Nicole. Eventually he finally accepted the Phione to the point of being in a relationship.

Buizel would prove to be very useful in the Lily of The Valley Conference. In the first round against Robert, he easily defeated his Magmortar and was later called out to fight his Honchkrow. During this battle he used Rain Dance to activate his ability Swift Swim and he soon evolved into Floatzel and easily won. Floatzel's power was greatly increased upon evolution. Later in the Lily of The Valley Conference, he was used to fight Zach.Though he was defeated by Zach's powerful Typhlosion much to his frustration, he didn't go down before taking down Zach's Lucario.

After Justin's journey in Sinnoh, Floatzel was left at Professor Elm's lab with the rest of Justin's Pokemon since Justin wanted to start fresh in Unova, only brining Quilava with him.


Floatzel is known to be quite cocky, egotistical, and arrogant much to the nusciance of others such as Tyler's Feraligatr and Tyranitar. He is shown to be friendly and protective however on ocassion. He is often seen hanging around Justin's Quagsire and Golduck as they are Water types and he believes that Water types are far superior to any other type of Pokemon. His pride as a Water type often caused him to clash with Quilava, who is a Fire type, often rivaling him and even picking on him, though he does consider him a friend.

Moves UsedEdit

Floatzel's knowledge of a variety of moves has proved useful in battle.

  • Water Gun
  • Aqua Jet
  • Sonic Boom
  • Water Pulse
  • Brick Break
  • Rain Dance
  • Razor Wind
  • Hydro Pump


  • Out of all the Pokemon Justin had captured in Sinnoh, Floatzel spent the most time out of his Pokeball.