Jack Little
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Pallet, Nuvema

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Jack is a 8 year old boy originally from Pallet Town, he is one of the many companions of Daniel's, however he is the longest running companion and his first companion too. Jack, like Daniel, has an older brother and sister was also originally a wimp until he met his inspiration.

Character Edit

Jack is the youngest of his family, he has an older brother and sister which mirrors Daniel. Jack in his younger days was very similar to Daniel. Like Daniel, he was a scared child, and wanted to start his journey as soon as possible to catch up to his brother. Jack tried to follow his brother on his journey, but was not able to find him, and ended up getting lost. Luckily he met Daniel, who took him back home, on their trip back to Jack's house, he struck up a bond with Daniel and wanted to go with him, as their journey progressed, Jack began to look up to Daniel like a brother and was inspired by him.

As their journey continued, Jack and Daniel formed a best friend bond and it is often considered by friends as an unbreakable bond.

As Jack has gotten older on their journey, he has matured, and shown on many occasions a caring side. Whilst travelling through Sinnoh alongside Ashley, Jack began to pick up things Ashley said and showed the most interest. Thanks to this, Jack is a lot smarter and because of the experiences of Dan, Amy, Kurt, Luke, Ashley, Sid, Mika, Dawn and Meryl. Jack has been able to learn from all of their experiences and make himself wiser.