Goldenrod City

Trainer Class

Rocket Grunt


Ledian, Pansear, Mawile


Bonnie is an antagonist in "The Orange Island Saga" and "The Unova Saga". she is a member of Team Rocket, currently trying to acquire many and powerful Pokemon for Team Rocket, along with her partner, Billy, running into the protagonists along the way.


Bonnie is not the sharpest tool in the shed, often relying on Billy's knowledge and planning in order to get anywhere, often in conversations, she takes the back seat, but, will whip in if Billy is failing or it is something she is very passionate about. Her southern drawl is one trait of hers that gives her away, as she, unlike Billy, was born into a poor family, and so better adapts to the bad situations she and Billy end up in. Despite her and her partner's shortcomings, they are very capable at their jobs, being able to steal a Lapras in an area covered in trainers, stolen a Mawile away from a trainer (though failing to steal many more Pokemon) and causing serious injury to both Sid's Skarmory and Ursula's Gabite