Alex Gaines

Full Name

Alex Michael Gaines





Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color



Goldenrod City



Starter Pokemon


Alex is one of the main characters of "Tokai: The Land of Tomorrow". He is the son of Justin and Sprin.


As a Pokemon trainer, Alex doesn't seem to have any serious goals or be bothered by the his parents, his aunts and uncles, and his grandparents accomplishments, unlike his father who always worried if he'd be able to live up to that reputation. Alex however isn't very skilled as a trainer and often make various mistakes, still not having as much knowledge about Pokemon training.

Much to the contrast of his father's outgoing personality, Alex is rather shy and often has confidence issues, though he does try often to get over these issues. On ocassion he is shown to be a bit of a coward, which he often gets mocked by his Oshawott for. He is however shown to be quite protective of his friends and Pokemon and will fight and face his fears if others are in danger.



He arrived in the region of Tokai, looking to get his first Pokemon from Professor Maple, though an unknown thief had snagged the Pokemon that Professor Maple was meant to give to new trainers. He and the other new trainers found some pokeballs left behind. He ended up fighting the thief with an Oshawott, though he was unaware the theif's Croagunk had the ability Dry Skin, rendering his Oshawott useless against him. He decided once the thief was stopped and the pokeballs were recovered to stick with Oshawott as his starter Pokemon.

After choosing Oshawott as his starter, he decided to join Owen, Luke, Amelia, Crystal, and Daniel on their journey across the Tokai Region. He soon captured a Pikachu on the road to Heyno Town. Down the road he met a girl with a Castform named Celia who challenged him to a battle. Celia would later become his rival.

After arriving in Heyno Town, the group had found out that the gym leader, Hector had gone off to Heyno Cave which Alex initially thought to be dangerous. He assisted the group in defeating a Pinsir. Later in the day he would take on Hector and thanks to his Oshawott he won his first gym battle, and the Honeycomb Badge.


On HandEdit

  • Oshawott
  • Pikachu
  • Herracross




  • Honeycomb Badge


  • Much like his father, Alex has an Oshawott(who even appears to be the exact opposite as Justin's).